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Women’s Bison Ranch Finger-Free Multi-Mitts

The Women's Finger-Free Bison-Ranch  Multi-Mitts™ are several mittens in one. Designed after the original Bison Ranch Finger-Free Mitts, but we closed the thumb for those below zero days; and added a slit in the side seam to free the thumb for those not so cold days. Extra long to cover all the fingers, or fold down to free them. Push the entire mitt back to keep wrists warm-- and from misplacing them. Easy to wear, the Bison Ranch  Finger-Free Multi-Mitts™ are recommended by fly fishers, hunters, construction workers, dog walkers, and anyone who hates a cold steering wheel. Knit with Montana ranched and milled Bison Ranch Yarn 25/25/50 bison.alpaca.wool. No dyes or harsh chemicals used at any time during the processing of the fibers. USPS Priority Shipping included in price. Handling fee applied at checkout.  The color shown is latte. This is created by blending bison fibers (brown) with naturally white alpaca and wool. Watch a video on the Multi-Mitts:



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