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Bison Collar/Headband

A popular best seller, essential for winter, our Bison Collar is delightfully soft and warm. You can enjoy this versatile bison several ways: its padded, to hug and warm the neck, and a braided leather cording easily adjusts size.  Styled with two cute bison pompoms or choose elegant deer tine tips.  Additionally, it is not just a collar, but a very comfy headband.  Pull the collar up and you instantly have a warm headband, AND, you can wrap it around a knitted beanie creating a fluffy exotic trim! Closure is a stone decorated bolo clip.  You can enjoy this versatile bison several ways.  Lined with non-pill-poly-fleece.  Please understand that each collar/headband varies from black and dark browns to blended darks and browns, as bison are multicolored. Additionally, each varies in how fluffy they are, as bison hairs are sometimes straight and long or short and curly. If you are particular about browns/blacks, and how fluffy you want your headband, let me know. I will do my best to accommodate. Currently, I have only long bison fibers not curly ones. Additionally, the stone closures vary. Not all are blue or brown and can be agate, Jasper, or whatever I might have found walking on a Montana trail. If that is a concern, please let me know. This is a hand made item, each is one-of-a-kind. They are beautiful, warm, and stunning. Perhaps a family heirloom. The Bison can be simply brushed.  It is also safe to dry clean. Price includes USPS Priority Shipping.  Handling Fee applied at checkout.    



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