Bison Fur Scarf for Her

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Advice from a bison: Stand your ground - Have a tough hide - Keep Moving - Cherish wide open spaces - Have a strong spirit - Roam wild and free - Let the chips fall where they may!
Our bison scarves are the inspiration for our new name, Montana Bison Fashion & Furs (formerly: Montana Sweater Co.), and our new designs.  Working with ranched bison hides, we saw a certain amount of the hide going to waste.  We couldn't have that!  Today, we have select areas of the hide tanned for our collars and scarves.  They are soft, warm, and lovely to have around the face and neck.  If we didn't process the hides we do, they would have gone unceremoniously into a land fill, or ravine.  Wearing a bison fur is a natural way of preserving this great American icon, and supporting it's growing numbers in North America. Each bison scarf is unique in shape (mostly 28"- 30") and color (mostly black with brown highlights).  The back is lined with stretch-velvet, and comes with fur hooks to keep it in place.  They go over dresses, jackets, even T-shirts.  Just an awesome way to stay warm. The bison fur can be simply brushed clean.  It is also safe to dry clean the bison. Price includes USPS Priority Shipping.  Handling Fee applied at checkout.  


1 review for Bison Fur Scarf for Her

  1. 5 out of 5

    Laura Kuschel (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Bison Scarf! It is so incredibly warm! Somehow it keeps my whole head warm, with only wearing a scarf! Not to mention, it looks fabulous on!! One look at it and it you can tell it’s real fur!! My favorite part is feeling the fur! SO luxurious!!!

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