FingerFree™ Mitts for the Outdoorsman

FingerFree MittsWhat was once known as finger “less” mitts we renamed, FingerFree™…  to accentuate the positive aspects of this design.  The inspiration to free the fingers came from living an active outdoor life here in the Rockies.  In my case, it is fly fishing during chilly early spring and fall days.  The problem with hands during these challenging seasons is how cold they get (especially after dipping them into an icy river to release a colorful spotted trout).  Wind and rain can make things even more difficult.  SO…what to do?   The FingerFree™ Mitts allow fingers to grasp and hold, yet when they need to be warmed, the mitt cuff rolls up and covers the exposed digits allowing them to warm up again.  No bulky flap with a yarn yanking Velcro tab, nothing cumbersome and clumsy to make life more complicated.  Push the  mitts onto wrists when not needed so you always have them ready.  Montana ranched Alpaca, Bison, and Wool are blended to make this a hearty, warm, durable hand warming mitt.  It was field tested by outdoors men in the rugged back country, by construction workers, fly fishers, dog walkers, and people who hate the feeling of an ice-cold steering wheel. They all gave the FingerFree™ Mitts exposed thumbs up!!!  See them at

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