For weeks during summer, the Fireweed bloomed around my studio and I couldn't stand it when they started to fade.  I had to keep their memory with me all winter.  Original drawings were transformed into stitches that dance around this unique cape.  Bison fur trimmed hood crowns your head with warmth.  Elk-antler buttons cover large durable snaps.  Lining was found in a small fabric shop in Sweden.  Yellow wool for the cape was found in the US.  A true blend of my life in two countries - Montana where my paternal great-grandparents, and grand parents settled, where I returned to live in 1981.   Sweden, where my husband introduced me to his home country and village.  Hood is ample and does not slip.   I designed and sewed the cape with bison fur cut from hides I stretched and fleshed in Bozeman, MT.  Hide was tanned in Great Falls, MT.  This cape is one-of-a-kind.  Cape is dry clean only.  Hood is removable, and the bison fur can be simply brushed clean with Lana's Natural Fur Cleaner (see below). It is also safe to dry clean both the cape and fur. Price includes USPS Priority Shipping.  Handling Fee applied at checkout.      


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