Bison Babe Bag

Any Bison Babe will feel at home on the range in this Montana bison/wool felted bag. I gathered and processed the bison fibers before they were blended with wool and felted. A great bag to haul your reads to book club, use as a catch-all for running errands, and an easy fit for gym clothes as you dash to pump your guns. Western materials abide in this authentic one-of-a-kind piece: a leather martingale is used as the strap, a deer antler tine creates the closure, lasso-loop fabric is used for the lining and accents, a hidden knitted pocket is ready for your cell phone, and last but not least, it sports a bullet-key chain (not-loaded). The Bag is 16" tall X 13" wide. The leather strap adds 20". The Bison Babe Bag is for the country girl and the country girl at heart!


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