Antique Rose Duster

Montana Roses are wild, free spirited, with their feet on the ground. A tribute to the courage of our foremothers and sisters who left behind all they knew in what was familiar and comfortable, to find their souls in the unknown west.  Silk antique rose velvet marries a rayon batiste sunflower print, to a  knit rayon  lining. Two soft strips of bison fur grace the front.  This piece was designed exclusively for the CM Russell fashion show Saturday, March 21, in Great Falls Montana.  Careful construction, hand sewing, and sweet talking the fabrics and fur into getting along, became a sweet strong statement in pick and black. Wear with jeans, tank tops, boots, and your favorite jewelry.  One-of-a-kind.  Dry Clean only. USPS domestic shipping included. Handling fee applies.



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