Custom Sizing at Montana Sweater Co.

Bison Ranch Sweater
Bison Ranch Sweater

Yes, you can have a Montana Sweater Co. Bison Ranch sweater knitted to fit you!

As a small company we have the flexibilty to offer more personal customer contact, and in speaking with some  of our customers we heard they were concerned about sizing.  Additionally, after a winter’s worth of bison shearing and processing, we found it would be wasteful to try and guess how many mediums,  larges, or extra-larges to knit to satisfy the demand with a limited supply of bison fiber available.   Since our computerized knitting program makes our math skills look brilliant we decided to offer custom sizing.   In fact, the Bison Ranch sweater is only offered with custom sizing.  This way we know it will fit the way you want it to.

Our tech staff has set us up with a measurement form we email once you order.   Get out the measuring tape, fill in the form with your numbers, and email it back to us.  We get to work, and within 1-2 weeks your Bison Ranch sweater will be ready.

The other benefit of using custom sizing is we keep your size on file (yes, a confidential secret file) so if you ever want another Montana Sweater Co. sweater knit for you,  we have your exact measurements and specifications.

This offer to custom size a Montana Sweater Co. sweater is available in several other styles as well.

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